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International Theatre Website.

I’m Ruth Leon – critic, broadcaster, author, lecturer, theatre lover.

I’m here to to help you find the plays and musicals, cabarets and entertainments, that will interest, entertain, and delight you. Here are:

  • Up to the minute reviews of plays in New York and London, from Broadway to the West End
  • The international theatre landscape on a blog that spans the world
  • Accompanied trips to the theatre to enrich your theatregoing experience
  • Theatre listings from both sides of the Atlantic
  • Theatre books and articles to buy and exchange
  • The annual Sheridan Morley Theatre Book Prize
  • Discuss your own theatregoing and meet other experienced theatre-goers
  • Access to the best theatre library on either side of the Atlantic, The  Sheridan Morley Theatre Collection at Kingston University.

And here you can join the new Theatre Circle, a private membership club for serious theatregoers, for an exclusive one to one leisure experience.

I look forward to meeting you all,


Latest Review

PRIVATE LIVES – Vaudeville

 There are a few plays I know by heart. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM is one, JULIUS CAESAR another, thanks to a zealous, one might say fanatical, English teacher convinced that exam disaster loomed. The third is PRIVATE LIVES, Noel Coward’s perfect comedy, which I know by dint of having seen it tens, if not hundreds, of times. My late husband, Sheridan Morley, was Noel Coward’s friend, biographer and, finally, literary executor so it was not only his pleasure but also his duty to see every major production of Coward’s greatest play over more than thirty years. And I, of course, went with him.